System Thermomur

Dear customers

The PPUH "Thermodom" Company Ltd. has the honor to present and recommend you a modern, energy - saving production technology of one - family and multi - family apartment, trade-and-service buildings, of investment objects for agricultural purposes and public utility establishments in the so called "thermomur" system.
Our production technology has a Certificate of Permission for the application in the building industry, issued by the Institute of Building Technology in Warsaw and EU Certificate no. ETA-07/0018.
"Thermomur" is the technology of erecting external walls made of foamed polystyrene hollow bricks, which in the course of the construction function as a so called lost boarding for the reinforced concrete structure and when the building is in use they constitute a thermal insulation, for which the heat - transfer coefficient amounts to:

  • U0=0,28 W/m2K for the th 250 system
  • U0<0,20 W/m2K for the th 300 system
  • U0<0,23 w/m2K for roof elements
  • U0<0,14 w/m2K for the th 400 system
  • U0<0,11 w/m2K for the th 450 system

The application of foamed polystyrene elements renders it possible:

  • to designs any architectonic body up to a height of 25m
  • to reduce the investments costs of the construction in comparison wit other technologies even up to 20 percent by decreasing the amount of labor during wall erection and roof insulation work, saving in transportation costs, creation of the possibility of construction in the economic system
  • to considerably reduce the heating costs of the inhabited rooms

It should be emphasized that the time of raising the buildings is very short.

The above mentioned technique, thus applied since 1991 by our Company, has rendered it possible to already erect more than 55 000 objects in this country and on the European market.

Further information can be obtained at: 
gmasibrodzki@thermodom.pl; biuro@thermodom.pl
Tel. +48 602 218 511, Fax +48 32 4342873

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